Raccoons are animals that seem to incite mixed reactions from a lot of people. Some find them cute and consider taking them home as pets, while others find them as a nuisance and can?t helping but think of them as pests. Well, whatever your view of raccoons is, it will be great for you to learn more about them so that you can have a better judgement. Elaborating facts about animals such as raccoons would be a great means for understanding the nature and behavior of a raccoon. What are some of the characteristics and facts that you might not know yet about raccoons? Read on for you to find out.

Raccoons are omnivorous animals. That is, their diet consists of both plants and animals. Some examples of food that they eat are insects, fruit, acorn, berries, crayfish poultry, rodents and fish. They are known to often dip their food into water first before they have it eaten. This is due to the fact that water helps in enhancing their sense of touch.  The food that they eat will depend on the environment that they are in. They are also known to easily adapt to new environments and their presence in neighborhoods and urban areas are a proof to that. They also apply their highly adaptive abilities for the sake of obtaining food. For instance, they can be seen rummaging garbage cans in their quest of finding something to eat. In terms of shelter, raccoons have quite a range of places which they consider to be home. While raccoons typically live in hollow trees, caves or burrows, they also can have chimneys, attics and barns as their living quarters.

Let us take a step further into understanding raccoons through a number of interesting and fun facts about them. Here they are:

  • Raccoons have hands that are very nimble which they use to easily pick things apart. They can even unlace a shoe with their nimble fingers.
  • The scientific for raccoons is Procyon loctor which means ?washer dog?. However, raccoons are actually more closely related to bears such as pandas. As mentioned earlier, raccoons are known to dip their food into water; thus the term ?washer?.
  • Raccoons belong to the same family (?Procyonidae?) as the ringtail cat and coati. In North America, there are seven known species of raccoons.
  • These animals are strong swimmers. Although they usually swim deep waters to escape from trouble, they are adept at swimming across lakes and rivers.

Learning about facts about animals is a good means for understanding them better. Now that you’ve learned several facts about raccoons, you have a better way of recognizing why these animals are the way they are.