When we heard about Africa, among the first things that usually come to people?s minds are the gigantic and wild African animals.  At some points, this is actually reasonable, especially since Africa is known for its flourishing flora and fauna.

giraffeBut despite the popularity of most African animals, many people are still clueless and ignorant on the protection aspects. The majority of people, not only in Africa but all over the world are only concern about things they want to know.

Educating people about wildlife protection must first with the most basic principle: knowing the basics. And knowing the basics starts with getting one?s self-familiar with the different animals that can found in Africa and their current status.


Africa is home to some of the world?s most gigantic and amazing animals, which of course includes the Elephant. There are actually two species of African Elephant that can be found in the continental Africa: African Bush and Forest Elephant. These are actually two of the three living species of Elephants in the world.


Other than the Elephants, another staple icon of African wildlife is the Giraffe. One of the interesting things about the Giraffe is its elongated neck and the patent on its coat is unique to every giraffe. That is, no two giraffes have the same pattern on their coat, just like fingerprints on humans.

Spotted Hyena

Another iconic animal, in whole Africa is the Spotted Hyena or Crocuta crocuta. With its powerful jaw and average adult weight of up to 50 Kg, a full-grown hyena can bring down much smaller preys. Contrary to the common belief that hyenas are mainly scavengers, they are actually one of the most vicious predators throughout the Sahara Desert. They are also known for their seemingly ?laughing? ability, which they do to protect their territory and their pack.