Indeed, animals are interesting creatures and as such, many interesting and fun facts about animals that humans, especially children, should know about. In this article, we will not discuss serious facts and description about a particular animal or group of animals, rather we will dwell on some quirky facts everyone should know about them.

Don?t let me go

otterHave you heard, or at least seen an otter? If not, this might catch your interest about them. These floppy and furry creatures are known to hold hands while sleeping to keep themselves from drifting apart. This characteristic of animals, among others, is a clear manifestation that some animals are capable of high-order of thinking and more complex cognitions as we have made to believe.

Don?t forget me

acornsMost of us have the tendency to forget where we put something or simply misplaced them. But there are those who exaggeratedly have the tendency to forget where they put something. This is also true to squirrels that because of their forgetfulness, they were able to plant thousands of trees after they forgot where they have put they simply have forgotten where they stored their most favorite meal: acorns.

Don?t kill me

pandaIn China, where Panda is a national animal, killing it means death. For some, especially those who find Panda hunting and trading is a cool stuff, this policy seems harsh. But for the benefit of argument, do Pandas deserve to be killed? Don?t you think killing them is as harsh as a death penalty? For those who argue that capital punishment for those who will be found guilty of killing Panda is inhumane, does killing or hunting them is inhumane too?

Don?t laugh at me

ratsWe thought that laughing is only for humans. But apparently, that?s not the case. In fact, rats have been found to laugh when ticked in certain areas. In fact, scientists have found that rats do laugh when ticked on a series of environment. Sounds weird, right?