When we heard about rodent repellent, the first thing that some of most people?s minds is the traditional poison pellets that most household use to repel some sorts of household pets.

Although these more traditional modes of deterring pests, especially rodents, are still being widely used across the world today, there are now several types of more sophisticated types of repellents that are now available on the market.

What is ultrasound?

rodentsOne of the most common misconceptions that people have upon hearing ultrasound is that it is only used in scanning pregnant women and to tell whether the child in the womb is either a baby girl or boy. But there?s more to ultrasound than a machine that tells a fetus? gender.

In the science of sound, ultrasound is an extremely too high level of frequency of sound that only specialized animals such as rodents can detect. As such, this extremely too high frequency irritates rodents to the highest degree that they will do everything just to avoid it.

Is it effective?

When compared to traditional rodent repellent that anyone can buy from the department store, the more high-tech ultrasound rat repellent has a lot of advantages, let alone benefits.

Although it can cost much higher than the traditional repellents, its benefits and advantages can outweigh its cost. However, there is now a lot of online stores that offer these products at a much cheaper price.

But the question of its efficacy is still debatable. When assessing its efficacy, it might be best to compare it with other leading repellent that most people are using. Compared to pellet repellents, the ultrasound is quite efficient and safer for humans.

Since there?s no use of harmful chemicals involve, it?s more practical and advisable for families with small children around. With the poison-based approach, your family, especially the children, is exposed to potential hazards and toxic matters that if not properly handled, may lead to serious accidents.

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