Although raccoons are not yet included on the list of endangered species in the world today, this does not mean that we should not exert any effort to protect them. As a matter of fact, there have been several findings across some parts of North America that raccoons are widely abused in so many ways. 

This alone poses an alarm and calls for global awareness toward the protection of raccoons and they can be protected before they will be declared as an endangered species.

According to the World Wild Fund (WWF), raccoons are among the most favorite target of leisure hunting in some parts of the United States. Apart from being a favorite hunting target, they are also prone to different threats such as trapping and even poisoning.

Human encroachment

encroachmentSince a large portion of their habitat has already been encroached by humans, residents and raccoons often share their habitat with each other, which sometimes results to unpleasant encounter.

For some people, especially those with frequent bad experience with this species, raccoons are nothing but nuisance and pests. For them, raccoons and other types of common rodents are household pests that need to be exterminated.

raccoonsBecause more and more people are moving to areas where different wildlife live, conflicts between human inhabitants and wildlife is rather common. However, in most cases, the one that reign supreme in this seemingly unending battle are the more rational humans.

Oftentimes, the helpless creatures such as raccoons are always on the losing side of the game.

Also, human encroachment into the supposedly wildlife concentrated area is one of the reasons why the number of endangered species all over the world keeps on increasing. Without a firm and substantial steps taken to end this constant battle between continuously expanding human population and wildlife loosing their natural habitat, we can expect more and more endangered animals will be added to the list.